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Aaron Lordson is a rare treat amongst artists as he has a truly unique voice combined with the ability to transform any song into his own style without compromising the great work of the original.

Aaron was born in Togo, West Africa, where he was immersed in various forms of music from a young age. His unique style developed over a lifetime of musical influences, with his grandfather, a composer and director of a gospel choir, playing a significant role in his upbringing. Inspired by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown, Aaron’s musical journey was shaped by soulful vibrations and natural talent rather than formal training.

After making his debut on stage during a school music festival, Aaron pursued his passion for music, leaving behind a career in gynecology to share his art with the world. His performances have captivated audiences in cities and towns worldwide, showcasing his prodigious voice and guitar skills. Aaron’s music blends elements of soul, gospel, reggae, blues, and rhythm & blues, reflecting his diverse influences and roots.

Despite not being discovered by a record label, Aaron has carved his own path to success through street performances and self-promotion. With millions of followers and loyal fans globally, he has achieved record sales with his four albums produced under his own label, LORDSONSMUSIC, making him the first street musician to achieve such acclaim. Beyond his musical achievements, Aaron is a staunch advocate for human rights, establishing the Aaron Lordson Foundation to support children’s education and career development in Togo, West Africa. He remains connected to his fans through daily performances, sharing joy and emotion through his music. ¬†Elegant and charismatic, Aaron is known for his dedication to his craft and his fans, as evidenced by his active presence on social media and his willingness to support others in their musical endeavors. As he once said, “The money is not the most important thing; my target is to reach the top of the chart! If there is anything I could do to support others, I’ll be glad to do so.”

At the end of the day, you are solely responsible for your success and your failure. And the sooner you realize that, you accept that, and integrate that into your work ethic, you will start being successful.


Is a private foundation based on children help and career development. It’s created by the artist songwriter and singer Aaron Lordson. with the specific purpose of contributing to various charitable causes. The Aaron Lordson Foundation identifies and preserve us for years to come. We help others anytime we can.

In order to continue our war for life and support people in the World, the Lordson Foundation needs your financial support and you can do so by purchasing his music. Help us help others like us to live their lives they have been blessed for…

Aaron Lordson